Agio Gold Sector Fund Ltd. Investment Fact Sheet: November 2023

Unlocking Golden Opportunities

Gold has been the bedrock of wealth preservation through the ages, unwavering even in the face of global uncertainties. Agio Gold Sector Fund Ltd. presents a unique opportunity for Bahamian investors to bolster their portfolios with this enduring asset. By integrating this age-old safeguard into your portfolio, we aim to provide a shield that not only withstands economic fluctuations but also offers potential for significant growth as well as peace of mind.

Key Details:

  •  License Date: June 1, 2023
  •  Fund Type: Open-ended, Professional Fund
  •  Legal Jurisdiction: 1992 Companies Act
  •  Initial Offer Price: B$100.00 per Share
  •  Initial Offering Period Deadline: December 31, 2023
  •  Minimum Initial Investment: B$5,000.00
  •  Minimum Subsequent Investments: B$1,000.00

Share Capital:

  • Investor Shares: 499,900 Redeemable, Non-voting, Participating Shares
  • Management Shares: 100 Non-redeemable, Voting, Management Shares have been issued to the Fund Manager, Agio Capital Ltd.

Investment Highlights:

  • Objective: Wealth accumulation by investing in global financial and securities markets, predominantly across the gold sector
  •  Strategy: Proprietary monetary model for signals to enter and exit a range of gold and gold equity related instruments, including Physical Gold, Gold ETFs, Gold Miners, Miner Indexes, Gold Derivatives, and US Treasuries
  •  Performance Benchmark: Exceed annual performance of the gold sector ETF GDX 

Investor Eligibility: Accredited investors

Valuation, Reporting & Dealing Policy:

  • NAV Calculation Reporting: Monthly, on the last Business Day
  • Subscriptions: Monthly, by the last Business Day
  • Redemption Protocol: Monthly, on the last Business Day, facilitated with a prior 5-day notice, post the Initial Offering Period

Service Providers:

  •  Board of Directors: Brian Jones, Andrew Rolle, Vaughn Kerr
  •  Administrator, Registrar & Transfer Agent: Agio Fund Services Ltd.
  •  Fund Manager: Agio Capital Ltd.
  •  Investment Advisor: Legba Advisors Ltd.
  •  Banker & Custodian: Equity Bank Bahamas Limited
  •  Auditors: HLB Bahamas
  • Legal Counsel: Graham Thompson
  • Registered Agent: Agio Digital Ltd.
  • Registered Office: Albany Financial Center, Suite 706, South Ocean Blvd., Albany, Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Agio Gold Sector Fund Ltd.

Gold stands as one of the world's most trusted assets, consistently sought after during times of economic unpredictability. At Agio Capital Ltd., we recognize gold's lasting value and offer an investment opportunity rooted in this hard and sound asset.

Harness the value of gold. With the Agio Gold Sector Fund Ltd., you're not just investing in gold; you're creating a secure future built on gold's timeless value.


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