Elevate Your Treasury Management Structure

Elevate Your Treasury Management Structure

Unlock the potential of your treasury management strategy with Agio Digital Ltd.'s "Executive Foundation for Treasury Management." designed for the executive management and control of treasury assets. This innovative solution seamlessly blends the legal robustness of a Bahamas Foundation with the strategic acumen of a Bahamas Executive Entity (BEE). Combining corporate governance with asset protection, this package is the key to mastering the complexities of both digital and real asset management on a fiduciary basis.


Role: Acts as an autonomous entity, adept in
holding assets on a fiduciary basis.


  • Suitable for digital and real assets
  • Provides robust asset protection and facilitates estate planning
  • May be structured and officially registered as as non-profit organizations
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Bahamas Executive
Entity (BEE)

Purpose: Serves as the governance mechanism for the Foundation, able to manage assets on a non-profit basis.


  • Bolsters corporate governance without adding bureaucracy
  • Offers liability protection for executive officers and voting committee members
  • Versatile across various governance, executive officer and advisory roles

Benefits of the "Executive
Foundation" Framework

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Asset Management

Expertly manages diverse asset

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Integrates the Foundation’s structure with the dynamic oversight of the BEE.

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Ensures thorough protection and risk mitigation.

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Complies with The Bahamas' regulations and international

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Implementing the "Executive Foundation" Approach

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Setting the Foundation

Establish clear objectives for asset management

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BEE Integration

Implement executive governance for optimal oversight

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Asset Strategy  Development

Formulate and manage a robust and diversified portfolio

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Operational Synergy

Align BEE operations with the Foundation’s goals

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Market-Responsive Management

Adapt strategies to evolving market conditions and asset types

Why Choose "Executive Foundation for
Treasury Management"?

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Risk Management

Agio platform simplifies diverse investment strategies with financial accounting, transaction management, and due diligence.

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Global Perspective,
Local Framework

Utilizes global best practices within the flexible domestic
regulatory framework of
The Bahamas

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Strategic Integration

A well-crafted blend of legal protection and administrative

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Depth of Expertise

Built on Agio Digital's broad experience in investment
administration and management

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A New Era in Asset Management

The "Executive Foundation for Treasury Management" bring together the strategic use of a Bahamas Foundation combined with a Bahamas Executive Entity (BEE) and offers a compelling solution for effective treasury management, governance, and asset protection.