Agio and Avantgarde partner to offer Crypto Fund Platform for regulated On-Chain Funds

A Fully Regulated On-Chain Crypto Fund Platform

Agio and Avantgarde are proud to partner to launch the world’s first fully regulated on-chain crypto fund platform.

Avantgarde’s crypto fund platform is built on the robust Enzyme protocol, which provides access to digital assets and DeFi from one simple, unified app.

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Lower Fees

Thanks to the blockchain’s operational and administrative innovations, this platform:

  • Reduces total expense ratios of funds by 80% or more
  • Enables users to launch a regulated fund in 4 weeks
  • Access on-chain trading and settlement
  • Multiple custody options

Leverage Avantgarde’s institutional-grade platform to manage all components necessary for the set up and operation of a DeFi crypto fund.

Get started and launch a regulated on-chain crypto fund today.

What Features does the
Crypto Fund Platform Offer?

With full regulation and compliance in place, Avantgarde’s crypto fund platform provides an
all-in-one solution for asset managers seeking to deploy an on-chain fund. Key features of the
platform include:

  • Bahamas Fund setup in 4 weeks or less
  • Receive investments in fiat and crypto (professional investors only)
  • Fully automated investor onboarding, subscriptions, redemptions and reporting
  • NAV available on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis
  • A compliance layer mirrors shares 1:1 between SPV fund and Enzyme vault ERC-20 tokens
  • Flexible custody options for investors, including self-custody (eg via MetaMask, Ledger, etc) or qualified custodian
  • Trading and execution occurs on Enzyme
  • Encode roles, policies and delegate trading to approved managers via smart-contracts
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A Crypto Fund Platform Built With Regulation and Compliance In Mind

Avantgarde’s crypto fund platform provides a regulated SPV that is supervised by the Bahamas Investment Authority. As a licensed investment manager, Avantgarde Asset can execute on-chain strategies on your behalf, or alternatively you can opt to create your own legal structure and apply for an asset management licence.

At Agio Digital, we are the leading innovator in fund administration services for FinTechs. Thanks to our collaborative digital platform, users can configure investment and fund structures, submit KYC docs and secure important signatures, all from the comfort of one simple and easy-to-use online hub.

The outcome? Transform your fund setup costs and get to market faster.

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What is the Enzyme Protocol?

Enzyme is an on-chain asset management protocol that allows managers to run transparent, auditable and flexible DeFi strategies. It is
the primary technology stack upon which trading and execution happens for Avantgarde’s crypto fund platform.

With a 5+ year track record and more than $130M locked on the platform, Enzyme is the most well recognised asset management protocol in the digital assets space.

As a fund manager, you will benefit from:

  • 24/7 data pipelines which provide full transparency and live NAV reporting
  • Atomic trade settlement which eliminates counterparty risk
  • Access to more than 220+ digital assets
  • Ability to interact with dozens of top tier DeFi protocols
  • Conduct AML-compliant trades with verified market makers (KYT)
  • API connectivity for seamless reconciliation between web3 and web2 accounting / tax software
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Take the Next Step with Avantgarde's
Crypto Fund Platform

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