Pioneering Digital Asset Management with the Revolutionary KYAX Crypto Reporting System

What is KYAX?

Revolutionizing Digital Asset
Reporting for Businesses

In an era where digital asset management is crucial, KYAX stands as a beacon for leaders constrained by systems and data. It's not just about getting the right data; it's about transforming it into actionable insights. KYAX is your gateway to consolidating diverse data sources across blockchains and exchanges into a unified, clean, and repeatable data stream. Designed for Business Leaders, Finance Professionals, Auditors, Clients, Investors, and Regulators, KYAX is the key to unlocking the full potential of your digital assets.

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Business & Regulatory
Portfolio Dashboards

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Empower your decision-making with our state-of-the-art dashboards and API solutions.

  • Dashboards & API: Experience seamless integration with regularly reconciled data in user-friendly formats, accessible via CSVs, emails, or APIs.
  • Reporting: Tailor-made business and regulatory reports with in-depth drill-down capabilities, catering to every business nuance and metric.
  • Alerts: Ensure data integrity with read-only data ingestion and customizable, permissioned alerts, all driven by your unique business logic.

Client Reporting

KYAX redefines client communication with advanced reporting tools.

  • PDF & CSV: Generate audit-ready client reports automatically in PDF & CSV formats, deliverable to any destination.
  • Online Portal: Offer clients a personalized experience with a custom dashboard reporting and statement downloads in our online portal.
  • Alerts: Maintain high data standards with read-only data ingestion and configurable alerts, ensuring compliance and transparency.
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Finance Audit Reporting

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KYAX brings you the future of financial audit reporting for digital assets.

  • Auto-Reconciliation & Reporting: Streamline your financial processes with automated transaction matching and configurable rules for large-scale operations.
  • Designed For Audit: Consistently produce auditable financial data for crypto assets, adhering to the latest best practices in the industry.
  • Data Retention: Benefit from our robust data retention policy, securely storing all your data for 7 years.

Finance Audit Reporting

Achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in reconciliation reporting with KYAX

  • Attribution & Matching: Leverage our AI-driven engine to automatically match transaction movements, tailored to your specific rules.
  • Exception Management: Efficiently manage exceptions with alerts and case management tools, simplifying the resolution of unmatched transactions.
  • Audit Ready Drilldown: Dive deep into transaction details for comprehensive understanding and audit readiness.
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